Saturday, August 20, 2011

The Closers by Michael Connelly

The Closers by Michael Connelly

Detective Harry Bosch is back on the force after almost three years of retirement. When he returns, he's put with his old partner Kiz Rider and the two become part of the Open Unsolved unit. Bosch and Rider are lucky because one of the cases they have been assigned just came back with DNA analysis. The murder happened back in 1988, before DNA analysis was common, and in a racially-charged era. Bosch and Rider have to familiarize themselves with the case, start hunting down the leads, and figure out who the murderer was to bring them to justice.

Even though there was only one book with Harry retired and off the force, I enjoy him as part of the police much more. There's interaction with him and a partner or boss which adds to the story line. He also seems able to accomplish more when he's part of the force. From the start of this book, I could feel Bosch's excitement to figure out the puzzle of an already existing case. Like all of Connelly's other Bosch books, this one grips you from the start and you can't wait to find out who the murderer is.

First Line: "Within the practice and protocol of the Los Angeles Police Department a two-six call is the one that draws the most immediate response while striking the most fear behind the bulletproof vest."


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