Thursday, April 12, 2012

for one more day

for one more day by Mitch Albom

Chick Benetto has had a troubled life. His father, in his childhood, had told him to be either a father's or mother's boy and to chose. He chose his father only to have him leave when he was eleven. Chick's mother struggled to raise her son but Chick never really knew her and blamed her for his father's absence.

Charley (Chick) has hit the bottom of the barrel with a life of neglect and alcohol. The final straw is being left out of his daughter's wedding. He drives to his hometown to commit suicide but can't even do that right.

He goes back to the old house when he once lived to discover his mother who had died eight years ago doing her regular routine. This gives him one more day to right wrongs and understand himself.

This is a short story which I found okay. There is a small twist which I didn't suspect and raised the story from ho hum to okay.

First Line: "Let me guess."


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