Friday, January 11, 2013

Rivals for the Crown

Rivals for the Crownr by _Kathleen Givens
Historical Romance
In 1290 the young queen of Scotland dies and there are now many rivals for the crown.

But in England Edward I also wants the kingdom and is ruthless enough to try to overtake Scotland.

Kieran MacDonald and Rory MacGannon are two young Highlanders whose parents have sent them to Berwick to get some sense of what is going on. Kieran meets Rachel, a Jewess, whose father has just started up an inn. Rachel and her family were expelled from England because of their faith. Rachel asks Kieran to find out about Isabel her London friend and lady-in-waiting to the English queen. Isabel has her own pack of troubles and eventually re-unites with Rachel.

But the wars and romantic troubles continue.

I enjoyed the history behind the scenes and the romance was a nice side story.

First Line: "Rachel!"

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