Monday, February 25, 2013

Memory in Death

Memory in Death by J. D. Robb
Trudy Lombard, one of Eve Dallas' foster mothers shows up in Eve's office. This sends Eve in a 'tizzy' because of her wretched past. Trudy is not there to renew old times but to blackmail Eve and especially Roarke. Trudy was a cruel foster mom who abused Eve. Roarke refuses to pay and threatens right back.

Trudy is found murdered the next day and it is up to Eve to find the killer.

In this story the reader pretty much knows who the killer is but along with Eve is constantly searching for what will trip the killer up. On a personal note, Christmas is getting in the way of the investigation but Eve is doing some soul searching and finding out the true values of love, family and friends.

This was not one of my favourites but still a decent story and loved Eve coming to terms with a bit more of her personal life.

First Line: "Death was not taking a holiday."

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