Sunday, March 24, 2013

Echo Park by Michael Connelly

Echo Park by Michael Connelly

Bosch and his partner Rider work old, unsolved cases. There's one in particular that has gotten to Bosch, as he was the detective on the case years ago but they could never determine who killed Marie Gesto. Out of the blue, Bosch gets a call from the DA wondering where the files are because they have a murderer that wants to make a deal to escape the death penalty in exchange for giving up where he dumped Gesto's body. Bosch can't believe it. He pours over his notes once again to see if there was something he missed that would have pointed to the killer.

This isn't a typical solve-the-murder book. It brings a new element in of the DA's office and creating a deal with a criminal in exchange for information. It was quite an interesting way of telling a story. As always, the story grips you and you can't put the book down. I'm not sure how Bosch manages to get in to so many political problems in his career. In this book is no exception. The poor guy also has horrible luck with women. I only hope that by the end of the series he finally has someone that loves him.

First Line: "It was the car they had been looking for."


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