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Starter House by Sonja Condit

Starter House by Sonja Condit

Lacey and Eric are newlyweds that have just become pregnant with their first child. Money is a bit tight but they want to find a starter home to raise their child in. Lacey has visions of her grandfather's house and when they find an old house that is for sale, she thinks right away that this might be the right house for them. Their realtor tries to convince them otherwise, saying that people have died in the house but no details beyond that. The price is too good to pass up so they take the house but almost instantaneously, Lacey starts seeing a young boy in and around the house named Drew. She soon learns that others can't see him and she acts through her. When Drew eats a cookie, it's actually Lacey that eats one. Eric won't believe Lacey and Drew's temper starts getting out of control, making Lacey worried for the baby. No baby has been born in the house since when Drew lived there, many years ago. Lacey isn't sure what to do with Drew or how to make sure her baby stays safe.

The characters in this novel are very hard to like. Lacey comes off rather weak and wishy-washy. She can't stick to her choices and lets the ghost run all over her. Eric, on the other hand, is self-absorbed, obsessed with money, doesn't listen to his wife, and pretty much just a jerk. The relationship between the two is no better. Why they decided to bring a baby in to the world when they weren't sorted out in their marriage is beyond me. I think I would have enjoyed the story better if I had liked and connected to one of the characters.

The story itself is a classic haunted house story. Previous lives had been affected in this house and it was interesting to watch Lacey piece everything together. I felt that the ending was rather rushed and didn't fit as nicely together as the rest of the book though.

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First Line: "It was already June, and the Miszlaks still hadn't found a house."


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