Friday, April 11, 2014

Pandora's Clock by John J Nance

Pandora's Clock by John J Nance

A man gets on a flight bound for the USA from Germany and the flight attendants realize right away that he is not feeling well. Before they can even exit European air space, the passenger collapses and a doctor is called to help. They perform CPR on him but he is just hanging on to life. Captain James Holland requests the ability to land in England to assist the passenger but is denied because the British government has learned from the Germans that there could be a Level 4 pathogen on board. This is a bug that, if brought to a city, could wipe out the entire population. Each government learns about Holland's flight and subsequently denies him entry to their airspace. The US government gets involved but they are just as concerned as the Europeans. Meanwhile, the passengers and crew are just doing what they can to survive, scared that they only have 48 hours to live.

I've read a few of Nance's books in the past and really enjoy them. They are great thrillers and a bit of a change of pace from normal thrillers because they always take place on a plane. You would think there are limited things you can do on a plane but Nance gets very creative.

This book leaves you thinking about what if. We know that in current times, viruses and bugs travel across continents due to air travel. I'm sure it's possible that someone carried aboard a deadly virus that could spread easily. What would governments do? Would they go as far to shoot the plane down? Very interesting questions were asked from this book.

First Line: "Professor Earnest Helms had returned to the starting point of the snowy forest trail just in time."


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