Friday, June 27, 2014

Fool by Christopher Moore

Fool by Christopher Moore

Based loosely on Shakespeare's King Lear, Pocket is Lear's fool, hired for the purpose of keeping youngest daughter Cornelia entertained. Pocket falls in love with her and is sad when she is sent away because she won't profess her love for her father like her two older sisters. The fortune is split between the older sisters and with the help of a ghost, Pocket devises a way to destroy them. With the help of a big oaf Drool and his puppet Jones, Pocket sets in motion the King Lear tale, told from a completely different and at time hilarious angle.

I had originally read The Serpent of Venice which is the follow up to this book. It was nice to go back for this book and learn about Pocket's background and his relationship with Cordelia. Moore has an incredible imagination. Inserting a new character in to an existing story and figuring out how to get that character to mastermind everything takes a bit of work. Even having not ever read King Lear before, I had no trouble following and enjoying this story. It was lots of fun and I'm looking forward to a third book (if there will be one) about Pocket!

First Line: "'Tosser!' cried the raven."


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