Friday, July 18, 2014

The Madmen of Benghazi by Gérard de Villiers


I received this book from Goodreads as a giveaway.

Malko Linge is an Austrian that contracts with the CIA to complete some rather dicey missions. This time he's called to Egypt after a missile narrowly misses an aircraft containing the future king of Libya. Not knowing that he was the target of a terrorist attack, al-Senussi is bringing his beautiful British girlfriend with him to enjoy Egypt while he does the easy dealings of a future king. Malko is to seduce al-Senussi's girlfriend to gain information about who would want to kill him. True to any CIA contractor, this puts him in danger while he tries to save al-Senussi's life.

There were parts of this book that didn't make much sense. If you're looking to find out about why someone is looking to kill you, I don't think seducing the girlfriend would be high on the list for finding information. Wouldn't searching the person's personal items help more with that? Given that this book is littered with graphic sex scenes, I honestly think this was just a ploy for the author to be able to introduce more sex in to the book. It was a cheap ploy and didn't drive any plot further or make the book any better.

If I hadn't researched this author, I would've assumed he was a debut author. This book reads very simply and seems amateur. I wasn't impressed with this at all and wouldn't recommend it to anyone.

First Line: "Ibrahim al-Senussi was stark naked when he stepped out of the shower, and he stopped dead at his bedroom door."


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