Saturday, June 27, 2015

Into the Forest by Jean Hegland


Nell and her sister Eva live miles outside of a small town in California. Their mother has recently passed from cancer when the family starts to experience rolling blackouts. Then the electricity doesn't turn back on. Nell, Eva, and their dad need to learn to live without luxuries of modern day life. In their last trip in to the town, on fumes of gas, they notice not many people left in the town and not much left for supplies. When their dad dies from a tragic accident, Nell and Eva are left to fend for themselves.

I liked the premise of this novel. It isn't so much about the lack of electricity as it is about what two sisters do when they are by themselves, in the middle of no where, without any electricity to rely on. Keeping care of the house and animals, gardening, rationing; these are all things that must be considered. The girls also have to be weary of any strangers that do come by.

Not everything is perfect. The two sisters argue like any sisters do, but love prevails. I loved the way they pulled each other through the tough times.

This book is a great 'what if' book. A great point is raised that humans have been living without electricity for such a short period of time in our existence, why couldn't we go back to living without it?

First Line: "It's strange, writing these first words, like leaning down into the musty stillness of a well and seeing my face peer up from the water - so small and from such an unfamiliar angle I'm startled to realize the reflection is my own."


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