Friday, May 06, 2016

Liberation Day by Andy McNab


Nick Stone agrees to one last operation in order to get his papers for the USA and be with the girl he loves. His mission is to travel to France, meeting up with two Egyptians that will help him. They are to track a boat to one of the ports and then follow the men when they leave the boat to collect three payments. These payments are being sent back to families from terrorists that are planning something in the Western world. If they capture the men the money is coming from and blow up the money before it makes it back to the Middle East, they can stop the terrorists and also learn who they are.

Everything is incredibly methodical with Nick. He scouts out locations days in advance, removes wrappers from food so they don't make noise, and takes anything with him that might leave a clue that could lead back to him.

This is the 5th or so book in the series and the previous books have been great for being action packed and believable. This one is my least favourite in the series. It was mostly prep work which made it a rather slow go. Nick and the team spent all their time getting ready and then when the team finally arrived, the action was crammed in the last few pages of the book. The end was exciting but it would have been nicer if some of that replaced some of the beginning to weigh the book better between set up and action.

First Line: "The submarine had broken surface ten minutes earlier, and its deck was still slippery beneath my feet."


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