Thursday, March 02, 2017

Whiteout by Ken Follett


It's just before Christmas and a lab technician is discovered dead. He stole an animal from a high level bio facility and ended up getting sick with a deadly disease. Toni is responsible for security of that facility and can't forgive herself. She steps up all levels of security to ensure it won't happen again. However she doesn't know that the owner's son is getting ready to steal the same virus on Christmas eve. A massive snow storm hampers their progress, and that of those trying to find them.

This novel has an interesting setting with a heavy winter storm in Scotland, a rich family's old home, and a high security lab. The tension is based on a real fear, that someone could steal and weaponize a virus for bio terrorism. This isn't a mystery, as all the events are played out by the different characters and you know, for the most part, what's coming. It is a good thriller though as you wonder whether they will get away with it and how they will be caught.

The character at the centre of this book is Toni and a pretty solid character. The only fault that comes from this book is in the completely unnecessary force of romance between her and her boss. There's some pretty inappropriate event between the two of them that had me rolling my eyes. It detracted from the overall story. Thankfully there wasn't too much focused on it, but it was an annoyance.

Not a bad thriller, if you can ignore the inappropriate romance.

First Line: "Two tired men looked at Antonia Gallo with resentment and hostility in their eyes."


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