Friday, July 28, 2017

The Reversal by Michael Connelly


Mickey Haller is called in to the DA's office to take a case as an independent and prosecute a man who was released from prison due to a new DNA test, after being charged with killing as young girl. Mickey accepts, but on the promise of independence and the ability to bring in his ex-wife to help with the legal side and his half brother to help with the investigation. Haller's half brother is Harry Bosch, gritty LA homicide detective.

Bosch has to examine the case from 20-some years ago and determine if anything was missed and what was just noise. He has to track down all the people that should testify even though some have passed away. The defendant is released without bail and Bosch ensures to follow him 24/7, seeing some abnormal behaviour. Is it possible that he killed before?

With so many Bosch books in this series, you would think that things would start to get stale. The book before this, Nine Dragons was a bit off the path but this took us right back to it. I really enjoyed this and think it would make a great addition to the Amazon series Bosch; I'd love to see this played out on screen.

First Line: "The last time I'd eaten at the Water Grill I sat across the table from a client who had coldly and calculatedly murdered his wife and her lover, shooting both of them in the face."


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