Thursday, February 15, 2018

The Kill Artist - Daniel Silva


Gabriel Allon is an ex-Israeli intelligence officer turned art restorer. His old boss tracks him down in England to come do one last operation for him, hunting down a known Palestinian terrorist Tariq; the same man that killed his wife and child.

Allon needs a female to infiltrate one of Tariq's men and chooses fashion model Jacqueline, whom he had an affair with right before his wife and child were killed. Gabriel keeps a close eye on Jacqueline as she seduces a terrorist, but the enemy is aware of more than Gabriel knows.

This is book one in the Gabriel Allon series. I'm surprised it continues, to be honest, and it sounded pretty certain that Gabriel was going to forever step out of the covert-ops limelight and remain low-key. I'm not really certain how this series can continue. Out of Gabriel and Jacqueline, I enjoyed Jacqueline more as she seemed much more genuine and honest about her feelings. Gabriel is a bit bottled up and I don't really know anything about his past other than his wife and child died in a horrible attack. Hopefully the next in the series expands on this a bit more.

The story itself was pretty good, though the twist at the end I didn't really understand the purpose of. It seemed a bit far fetched and not to provide any value to the person that performed it.

First Line: "The restorer raised his magnifying visor and switched off the bank of fluorescent lights."


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