Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Hide & Seek

Hide & Seek by Ian Rankin

From Amazon:
At night the summer sky stays light over Edinburgh. But in a shadowy, crumbling housing development, a junkie lies dead of an overdose, his bruised body surrounded by signs of Satanic worship. John Rebus could call the death and accident--but won't. Instead, he tracks down a violent-tempered young woman who knew the dead boy and heard him cry out his terrifyng last words: "Hide! Hide!" Now, with the help of a bright, conflicted young detective, Rebus is following the girl through a brutal world of bad deals, bad dope and bad company. From a beautiful city's darkest side to the private sanctums of the upper crust, Rebus is seeking the perfect hiding place for a killer

Hide & Seek is the sequel to Knots & Crosses and it certainly delivers. The plot is sinister and hard hitting and shows the underbelly of Edinburgh. Rebus disects the crime,casting off red herrings until the threads have finally come together. I am sad to see Gill no longer a romantic interest. Rebus now has a little gentler demeanor. I feel like the length of time Rankin took to write the second book in this series somehow changed Rebus's character. Rebus though still cares about the 'little guy' and this is what makes this book even better




Candy said...

I just read Knots and Crosses and I wasn't all that thrilled with it. Seems like you liked it and this one? I'm debating reading another one of these books or just abandoning them all together... hmm...

Dana said...

I liked the mystery but what I had to come to terms with is the change in Rebus's character. It seemed he was a bit more civilized and gentler