Tuesday, August 21, 2007

A Season for the Dead by David Hewson

A Season for the Dead by David Hewson

When a man enters the Vatican library carrying a bloody bag and lays the skin of a man across the table of his ex-lover, Nic Costa and his partner follow to see what is going on. Costa is an Italian police officer and knows that he has no jurisdiction in the Vatican but he enters the library to help. There is not just one murder, however, but multiple ones where the victims are posed as martyrs and the connection between all the victims is sleeping with one person: Sara Farnese. Meanwhile, Costa has to deal with his ailing father, pain in the ass boss Falcone, and controversial cardinal.
Having read Lucifer's Shadow by Hewson I had high expectations for this one and sadly they did not live up. I found this book disjointed and poorly explained. Some things made no sense and the 'revelations' in the book were underwhelming.
Even though all of that is a reason to stop reading the book, I found Costa to be a very engaging character. He has a strong morale center and connects well with everyone. But this made the ending all the more unbelievable.
I thought that Costa's boss, Falcone, was rough and rude to the point that the character was no longer believable. And Sara Farnese seemed so cold that I don't understand how her and Costa made a connection.
I don't recommend reading this book. Read Lucifer's Shadow instead, which was a much better mystery.



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