Friday, October 19, 2007

An Artist of the Floating World

An Artist of the Floating World by Kazuo Ishiguro

I really do love Ishiguro's style of writing. Ishiguro's description of places and events is so well done.

Masuji Ono was a renown artist who has retired after WWII. He was a political artist who now believes he made 'mistakes' in good faith. Ishiguro writes about Ono's reflection and his inner turmoil. Ono seems to not have suffered any consequences of his actions although a colleague did. Of course there is no 'good' answer to any of this.

The cultural differences between Japan and Canada are so fascinating to read about. Marraige negotiations,even relationships between people are so different. Personally I thought Ichiro was an ill-mannered little boy. But this is again obviously is a culturl difference




Jeane said...

I wonder if this is any better than "Never Let Me Go" which is the only Ishiguro book I've read. His writing style felt really bland to me.

Dana said...

I read When We Were Orphans and the writing style was quite similiar. I find the writing style very descriptive and serene

Jeane said...

Serene is a good way to describe it.