Friday, October 19, 2007

The Big Love

The Big Love by Sarah Dunn
Chick Lit

The Big Love!!! Alison is looking for just that but she really can't define what the Big Love is.

Alison's first real boyfriend goes out for mustard at a dinner party and never returns. What a way to get dumped!! Alison must then find her way through the minefield of anger, confusion and desperation.

I found this book to be quite disjoint and often rambling. An interesting read but Alison is a bit too neurotic for me. I also found the ending was just too pat and not really explained



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harmonicbarbie said...

Dana, I had a similar experience with "The Big Love". I got through it, but I think "neurotic" describes it perfectly ;-)

Moved on to a new author, Rob Costelloe, who explores love on a much higher level in "Coinage of Commitment", and found the contrast between the two authors' writing styles quite the stretch!