Saturday, June 07, 2008

Girl, Interrupted by Susanna Kaysen

Girl, Interrupted by Susanna Kaysen

After Susanna overdosed on drugs trying to kill herself, her parents send her to therapy. She is sent to a therapist on the other side of town and after only 30 minutes, the therapist decides that Susanna should be admitted to the famous psychiatric hospital McLean, where Ray Charles and John Nash have stayed. Just from this decision made in 30 minutes, Susanna loses a year and a half of her life staying in the hospital. They diagnose her with borderline personality syndrome.

Susanna tells of the friends she makes in the hospital and their stories. Some are sad, some are funny. But really the point of this book is to determine what defines us as crazy? And can a single doctor, in 30 minutes, really determine properly if someone belongs in a hospital? Isn't everyone a little crazy?

I found some of Susanna's commentary on her disease to be a bit tiresome, but the last chapter on it was very interesting. Having seen the movie, I was expecting something entirely different. The book is nothing like the movie at all - and in this case I found the movie to be more interesting, even if less realistic, than the book.

First Line: "People ask, How did I get in there?"




Jeane said...

I was interested to read your opinion. I felt the opposite- I liked the book much better than the movie. I don't know why they were so different, the movie really veered away from the book quite a lot.

Lauren said...

Oh the movie was completely different from the book! I just found the movie much more entertaining than the book.