Thursday, June 05, 2008

Island of the Sequined Love Nun by Christopher Moore

Island of the Sequined Love Nun by Christopher Moore

Tuck blows it when he takes a prostitute up in the pink Mary Jean jet while drunk and crashes it into SeaTac airport. Mary Jean wants him not only out of her company, but off of the continent immediately so its easier to deal with the media backlash. Tuck gets a letter from an island in Micronesia called Alualu, where they are looking for a pilot to fly their brand new Learjet. Tuck doesn't even think about how missionaries could afford to purchase a brand new jet before he accepts and heads off down to start a new life.

The book follows Tuck's journey where it's hard to tell if he has very bad luck, or very good luck. For example, in trying to get to this island, Tuck misses a boat that is going to take him so he commissions out a boat from a cross dresser, and they get stuck in a typhoon. But Tuck survives. Tuck learns about the island folktales and the local's Gods while trying to figure exactly what is going on and why so much money is being made. Of course, he can't help but get himself into some trouble along the way.

This novel was lots of fun. Tuck was an enjoyable character: a geek in a non-geek body, a little naive, and sometimes a little stupid. I didn't laugh out loud during this book but some parts were quite funny. I found this to be one of Moore's better novels.

First Line: "Tucker Case awoke to find himself hanging from a breadfruit tree by a coconut fiber rope."



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Candy said...

I totally agree... this was such a fun book! I'm a big C Moore fan though - he cracks me right up.