Thursday, August 28, 2008

Mercy Street by Mariah Stewart

Mercy Street by Mariah Stewart

When two teens go missing after another two are shot, they become the prime suspects in the case. However, there are many who are close to the missing teens who don't believe this is true and they hire a PI, Mallory Russo, ex-cop, to figure out what really happened. Russo however, isn't without ghosts from her past. She ratted out her partner and was shunned from the force, being forced to quit for fear that she wouldn't get backup when she needed. She delves into the investigation of this case, thankful to get back into the work that she loves. During her investigation, she meets the detective set to take her place. The two fall into a routine of sharing information to solve this case.

While this book was incredibly easy to read, it wasn't the best plot. Everything was way too predictable and the romance was cheesy. While I enjoyed Russo's tanacity and indepedence, I was annoyed by the constant reminder that she was a "good guy".

The ending of the book is set up well for a sequal. I'm just not sure it's a book I would pick up again.

First Line: "From the top of the jetty to the rocks below was roughly twelve feet, give or take."



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