Sunday, August 31, 2008


Princess by Jean P. Sasson

This book is about women in Saudi Arabia. Women are merely possessions of first their father and then their husband. How these women are treated even by supposedly understanding men is absolutely despicable. A woman is raped and then stoned to death for being promiscuous. Another woman is shut in a dark room for the remainder of her life with no interaction with another human being because she dared to fall in love with a Christian. No Saudi man could actually love a woman because if they did this just wouldn't happen.

The book also shows how arrogant, selfish and self-centred these men are. They profess to be extremely religious and when they seem to be out of reach of the Mutawas do whatever they want. They seem to have no morals at all.

Besides all the stories of the oppression of woman there were also stories about the extreme wealth of the royal family. Maybe this is the actual source of the problems as there are no limits and boundaries. I was amazed at the spending with no thought as to a price tag.

First Line: "In a land where kings still rule, I am a princess."



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