Sunday, March 15, 2009

In Golden Blood by Stephen Woodworth

In Golden Blood by Stephen Woodworth

The third book in the violet series sees Natalie Lindstrom still struggling as a single parent with no hopes of finding a job. She is a violet, a person who can summon the spirit of the dead with the use of a touchstone, something the person touched or owned while they were alive. Since Natalie gave up her government job, the government has been following her around and threatening to take her child, also a violet, into the government program. All violets must work for the government.

Natalie gets some under-the-table work and receives interest from the man running an archeological dig in Peru named Nathan Azure. Azure sends Dr. Abe Wilcox to convince Natalie to come act as a conduit for Francisco Pizarro, a Spanish conquistador that conquered the Incan Empire. Natalie soon finds out that Wilcox isn't exactly who he appears and Azure is only interested in treasure hunting at any cost.

This book, like the last two, was very easy to read. The concept is quite interesting and the ability of people to have a voice after death makes this set of books quite unique. Even thought the concept of treasure hunting in Peru was a bit ridiculous, the characters made up for it and it almost had an Indiana Jones feel to it at the end.

First Line: "As he did every morning, Nathan Azure rose at dawn, dressed, and shaved in the musty confines of his private tent scrutinizing the aristocratic severity of his Mayfair face in a travel mirror to make certain that not a whisker remained and that every strand of blond hair was in its proper place."



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