Sunday, March 15, 2009


Gauntlet by Richard Aaron

Gauntlet is a scary thriller. A terrorist threat is imminent. The government has been warned but doesn't know how or where.

A bunch of Semtex, plastic explosive, has been purposely blown up in the desert of Libya as Libya is now friendly with the United States. However, CIA agent Richard Lawrence discovers some of the Semtex was hijacked en route. Is this part of the terrorist threat or will the terrorists release a dirty bomb?

The newly formed anti-terrorist agency, TTIC is charged with finding out what is going to happen. One of the members of the TTIC, Hamilton Turbee is a autistic computer genius who untangles all the webs to try to follow the trail of the Semtex. His boss dislikes his mannerisms and does not allow Turbee to do his job properly. Will anyone listen to Turbee?

The Emir has entrusted his terrorist plot to Yousseff. Yousseff is a self-made arrogant international drug lord without a compassionate bone in his body. His network of thiefs are hand-picked and very good at their jobs. Will their loyalty be tested?

Also involved are two RCMP officers who are trying to find out how drugs are entering and leaving Canada. How is it possible with the border being so tightly patrolled?

From Africa to Pakistan to British Columbia and the United States, this book covers a lot of territory. This book was difficult to follow at first because of the multitude of characters and stories around the main plot. A word of advice: stick with it as the reward is immense. A very thrilling suspense that has the reader on the edge of her seat. I couldn't read fast enough to see what was going to happen next. I hope never to see this scenario in real life.

First Line: "So how big a crater will it make if we blow up 660 tons of Semtex?"

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