Sunday, April 19, 2009

From Black Rooms by Stephen Woodworth

From Black Rooms by Stephen Woodworth

Natalie Lindstrom is back, living with her dad and her daughter, who is a violet just like Natalie. A violet has the ability to communicate with the dead by calling their souls. Natalie is approached by a man named Amis asking her to replicate several famous paintings by allowing the deceased painters to inhabit her body in order to complete the painting. Despite the large amount of money offered, Natalie turns down the offer. Then bad things start happening. The Violet Killer we were introduced to in the first novel in this series is released, and an ex-con accused of forging ends up on Natalie's doorstep with his eyes turning a shade of violet.

True to the previous three books in the series, this book is a fast paced thriller. Usually as the series continues, the books get worse and worse but this is definitely not the case. Even better, Woodworth isn't scared to kill off main characters, which constantly leaves you guessing. I'm interested to see where this series will go next (if it does?).

First Line: "On the day Bartholomew Wax had selected to kill himself, he called in sick at work to spend the entire day saying good-bye to his children."



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