Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Paddle to the Amazon

Paddle to the Amazon by Don Starkell

This is the story of a father and son who travel over 12,000 miles by canoe. They leave from Winnipeg, Manitoba. Progressing down the Red River and on eventually to the Mississippi river down to New Orleans, along the entire Gulf of Mexico and Caribbean to Trinidad, up the Orinoco River and finally down the Amazon to Belem. The story is told in diary style by the father.

What an adventure!! From animals, to wild coastal waters, to foreign police, it was a roller-coaster ride. It was interesting to note that the people in the most abject poverty were the most generous. It was also curious how the Starells dealt with the police of Central and South America.

Don Starkell, the father, put his son in danger many times in order to complete their accomplishment. As a parent I do not understand this. The dangers were many and I think they were very lucky to come out of this alive. What also was a crying shame is that not one single person was at the end to greet them. There must be more to this story!

First Line: "If we'd known we were going to make it, the challenge would not have been the same - we might not have gone."



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Jeane said...

Wow! I've read this book- my dad had a copy. It was such an amazing adventure. Thanks for the memory jolt.