Saturday, May 02, 2009

The Black Book by Ian Rankin

The Black Book by Ian Rankin

John Rebus is back for another installment in his series and is investigating or involved in a variety of cases that look to not have anything to do with each other. Rebus' partner is bashed in the back of the head infront of a local cafe, a butcher's family member is stabbed, and Rebus is made to take part in a steakout of a local gangster. How could any of these cases possibly be connected? Of course, Rebus finds a way while he deals with his girlfriend kicking him out and his brother with a shady past coming out of jail.
I seemed to have problems focusing on this book. It could have been because I was trying to read it while in a crowded, noisy, and uncomfortable airport. But I found it to be a little unorganized and wasn't surprised at the end. There were also a few too many characters to remember who was doing what.
Not my favourite Rebus book, but it definitely won't stop me from continuing in the series.

First Line: "There were two of them in the van that early morning, lights on to combat the haar which blew in from the North Sea."



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