Sunday, May 31, 2009


Ultimatum by Matthew Glass

Democrat Joe Benton has just taken office after a Republican administration in the year 2032. Benton has promised domestic housekeeping by reforming education and health programs. What Benton does not know is that global warming is accelerating at a rate unpredicted. Relocation along the coastal areas will have to be massive.

Benton must now change his priorities and try to work with China at really reducing both their emissions. Each country views the other as an enemy and wants no change while the other country must change. Gradually talks disintegrate to the point of the threat of nuclear war.

Glass has written a wonderful political thriller. It is most interesting how the president works with his advisers and cabinet to try to resolve issues. The research that must have gone into this book is impressive and the analysis of the situation very in depth. The reader is made to be more 'eco' aware than ever before. What is scary is that it is such a probable scenario.

First Line: "He came on to the stage just before eleven o'clock."



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