Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Killer Summer

Killer Summer by Ridley Pearson

Walt Fleming is the sheriff for Sun Valley, Idaho, playground for the rich and famous. Walt is enjoying an afternoon of fly-fishing with his beloved nephew, Kevin when a very suspicious tow truck passes by going out of town. He follows it to find a dead man in the car towed by a truck. In the dead man's possession are three bottles of wine supposedly given by Jefferson to Adams. These are destined to be auctioned at the prestigious wine auction held in Sun Valley.

Summer Sumner and her father have arrived for the auction. Summer is a spoiled teenage daughter of a very wealthy man. She decides to ease her boredom with Kevin. It starts out with a clandestine meeting and proceeds to a rendezvous on Daddy's jet.

In the meantime, Christopher Cantrell wants to pull off an ingenious heist. But what is he really interested in? What follows is an explosion at the wine conference, a blockage of a road on a scale unimaginable and the hi-jacking of a jet with 2 stowaway teenagers.

Killer Summer is a fast-paced thriller. Walt is a likable policeman trying to run a office unsure of how to handle things. The road blockage has the police officiers scrambling around going every which direction. Walt is confused by his emotional encounters and that is what makes the reader love him even more. The plot has the reader really guessing about what is actually happening. This is the third book in a series but is a stand alone read. A great read!!

First Line: "Walt Fleming didn't want to be in the river."

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