Sunday, October 25, 2009


Taft by Ann Patchett

John Nickel manages a bar in Memphis. He was a musician but has gotten a job to prove to his girlfriend, Marion, he can provide for her and their son, Franklin. Marion, however has moved away taking Franklin with her. John now worries that his son is not getting some paternal guidance in his life.

John hires Fay, a young white waitress who lied about her age in order to get the job. Fay has a brother Carl who is into drugs. Fay and Carl's father has recently died of a heart attack and they have come to Memphis to live with their aunt and uncle.

John finds himself consumed with the idea of Taft, Fay and Carl's father and he soon envisions scenes between the family members. In the meantime Fay becomes more and more attracted to John and Carl begins to bring his druggie friends to the bar.

This was a strange book for me with really no satisfying ending. An okay read but nothing special.

The cover is very strange with a baby being thrown in the air. Any parent would know that it is too high and frankly dangerous. Goes in the category of What were they thinking?

First Line: "A girl walked into the bar."



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