Saturday, October 31, 2009

It Must be Love by Rachel Gibson

It Must Be Love by Rachel Gibson

Gabrielle Breedlove (doesn't this just set the tone for the entire book?) co-owns an antiques shop with her friend Kevin, is in to aromatherapy, and believes that people have auras and karma. When Gabrielle notices at bulky man following her for a week, she takes the man down with a can of hairspray only to find out it's property crimes detective Joe Shanahan. Shanahan believes that Kevin has stolen a Monet painting and needs Gabrielle to help. Shanahan poses as her boyfriend and does some carpentry work in her store so he can keep his eye on Kevin. Typical to any romance novel, the two can't stand each other at first but desire always wins out and they fall in love.

This book is nothing more than fluff as a break from the more serious books I've been reading. It's not written all that well, though I have definitely read worse romance novels. And the fight between hate and lust started to annoy me after the first 150 pages or so. Yes, I understand you hate him but he's soooooo dreamy - insert the eye roll here. There were a couple steamy scenes near the end, which I guess, in more ways than one, is the climax of the book? HA!

First Line: "Detective Joseph Shanahan hated rain."



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