Thursday, November 05, 2009


Margarettown by Gabrielle Zevin

N falls madly in love with Margaret Towne while a grad student. When he goes to visit her family in Margarettown he finds several women named Margaret: May, a little girl, Mia, a sullen teenager, Marge, a cynical middle-aged woman, Greta a 50ish woman who has committed suicide and Marge, old and full of advice.

The first half of the book describes N's and Margaret's love and the struggle of N to understand all the variations of Margaret. The second half belongs to Jane their daughter reading her father's letters and version of his courtship with Margaret, their affairs and eventual 'getting back together'.

Every person does have a multitude of people that make up their whole. That is the gist of the book but I found this book just a bit too philosophical for me.

First Line: "When I first met Margaret, I lived in a basement apartment."



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