Tuesday, February 09, 2010

A Darker Domain

A Darker Domain by Val McDermid

Detective Sergeant Karen Pirie deals with cold cases.

Twenty-four years ago, a wealthy reclusive Scottish business man, Brodie Grant, lost his daughter in a botched kidnapping and never did find his grandson. Bel Richmond, an investigative reporter finds evidence of the kidnapping while on holiday in Tuscany. Bel goes directly to Grant who grants her access to himself and directs her investigations. Although Pirie is called in on the case, Grant only gives her minimal information and even orders Richmond not to give the police further help.

Misha Gibson walks into the police station to report her father missing. Only it happened over twenty years ago. She needs to find him in order to save her son medically. Pirie starts investigating to find out Misha's father is not where everyone thought and has vanished. Coincidentally at the same time as one of his friends also vanished and was thought to have committed suicide.

Pirie is a wonderful character. She seems to handle her boss quite adroitly and continues to investigate the cases in spite of his hindrance. McDermid is wonderful at turning seeming ordinary people like Pirie into great characters. I certainly hope her story continues.

First Line: "The voice is soft, like the darkness that encloses them."



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