Sunday, February 14, 2010

City of Bones by Michael Connelly

City of Bones by Michael Connelly

Detective Harry Bosch is called out to a wooded area when a local's dog finds a bone that looks like a children's bone. Bosch finds the shallow grave and it is determined that the bones are from a male child and have been in the ground for at least twenty years. Bosch and his partner Edgar next try to find the id of the kid. They also interview people from the neighbourhood and their suspicion falls on a man that was convicted of child abuse many years ago.

Despite having a partner to work with, Bosch tries to move the investigation forward by himself. As always, Bosch makes waves with his equals and superiors. Has he pushed them too far this time? Could they force him into retirement?

As always, the books in the Bosch series do not disappoint. The mystery flows along quite smoothly while you get a great idea of who Bosch is and another peek into his personal life. This time he falls for a rookie cop, which is against regulations. I liked the small details that showed Bosch's character, including how he would place his hand on the box that held the child's bone when he was in the car so that it wouldn't slide around. Another great Bosch mystery!

First Line: "The old lady had changed her mind about dying but by then it was too late."



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