Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Three Fates of Henrik Nordmark

The Three Fates of Henrik Nordmark by Christopher Meades

Henrik Nordmark is a bald , middle-aged security guard who is the most ordinary person alive. He has no romantic possibilities and drives people away from him by saying or doing the wrong thing. Henrik drops a plum at the grocery store one day and when the plum rolls into the street Henrik's life is saved by a tuxedo clad stranger.

Henrik decides to change his life and become unique. Henrik is targeted for assassination in a case of a mistaken photo taken of him and not the tuxedo-ed stranger. The assassins are a team of elderly men - one blind, one deaf and one mute.
They are the world's worst assassins.

Also at the grocery store that day were Roland and Bonnie whose lottery tickets were switched in the chaos. Roland is everything Henrik is not, successful, in love and charismatic. When he thinks he has won the lottery he chucks everything. Bonnie is married to Clyde and her greatest wish to kill Clyde.

All these characters cross paths several times to create a hilarious book full of comedic slapstick.

I loved this book. Every person has felt to be ordinary and invisible from time to time and this book while very funny also makes the point that each of us can be unique at times.

First Line: "Until that fateful day, Henrik Nordmark had always been an unremarkable fellow."


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