Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Marrying Mozart

Marrying Mozart by Stephanie Cowell
Historical Fiction

There are four Weber sisters- Josefa, plain with a good voice; Aloysia, beautiful with a voice to match; Sophie, bookish and religious; and Constanze, quiet. Their father Fridolin is a music copyist and teacher and full of fun struggling to meet all his family's needs. Their mother Marie Caecilia is socially ambitious especially for her daughters even to the point of keeping a book with all marriage prospects in it.

Mozart enters into the Weber's life on one of their Thursday music nights. Caecilia who is aiming to marry Aloysia to a Swedish baron finds herself thwarted when Aloysia and Mozart fall in love. However first Mozart must earn some money not only to marry but also to support his parents and sister. Aloysia wearies of waiting for Mozart to carry her off to better things and becomes pregnant and elopes with a painter.

As Mozart continues to create beautiful music his broken heart heals and he finds himself again returning to the Webers.

This book really brought Mozart to life. It is interesting to me that in all books about this era the parents are trying to gain esteem through their children and not their own endeavors.

First Line: "I found my sister's wedding hat today in a round box of thin wood at the bottom of my wardrobe."


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