Wednesday, February 02, 2011

The Narrows by Michael Connelly

The Narrows by Michael Connelly

Harry Bosch is still retired from the LAPD when he gets a call from his old friend Terry McCaleb's wife after McCaleb passed away. McCaleb was the character in Connelly's Blood Work. His wife found out that McCaleb's pills had been swapped out to placebos and she suspects her husband may have been murdered. She asks Bosch to investigate. As Bosch goes through all of McCaleb's stuff he finds many old cases that McCaleb was working on, including a string of 6 murders out in Nevada.

As Bosch follows the lead, he's drives directly into an FBI investigation. They suspect that The Poet (from a book similarly named) has resurfaced and those six murders in Nevada were by him. Disgraced FBI Agent Rachel Walling works with Bosch to try and hunt down The Poet before he kills again.

You definitely have to read The Poet before you read this book or else the entire story will be ruined for you within the first 10 pages of this book. True to all the other Bosch books, this is a quick and entertaining read. I don't like Agent Walling much and hope she won't appear in another book because I find her very cold and detached. It'll be interesting to see how Bosch handles being back on the force and how his peers treat him after having been retired for 2.5 years.

First Line: "I think maybe I only know one thing in this world."


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