Thursday, April 14, 2011

The Reunion by Sue Walker

The Reunion by Sue Walker

Twenty-six years ago, Innes Haldane and a bunch of other teenagers spent a year together at "The Unit" in Edinburgh, an experimental treatment centre for dysfunctional teens. Innes has tried to put her past behind her and become a successful person, when she gets a call from Abby, another Unit member, who sounds like she's in a panic. Innes soon learns that Abby has committed suicide. As Innes starts to investigate this, she finds out that two of her fellow Unit patients are dead by suicide, one is dead by drug overdose, and one is in a catatonic state after her house and family burning to death. Innes wonders if this behaviour was programmed in to them or if there is something else going on. As she investigates further, she learns that something very troubling happened twenty-six years ago. Something that the others rather not have her learn about.

This novel gives you the perspective from many of the different characters; past and present. You would think that because of this it would be a lot more confusing, but it wasn't too bad to determine who was speaking and what time frame they were in. The story was developed quite well and there was definite tension about what had happened to the Unit patients in the past and what was happening to them in the present. My largest complaint of the book was that not enough was given away throughout the book. I was getting tired of being kept in suspense without hardly any clues given throughout the book. Other than this, it was a good, twisted mystery!

First Line: "Well, here we are again."


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