Saturday, October 22, 2011

Beyond the Abbey Gates by Catherine MacCoun

Beyond the Abbey Gates by Catherine MacCoun
Historical Fiction
Ingrid is a nun that grew up at Greyleigh Abbey and took an interest in the infirmary at a young age. As she helps the elder nun that works there, she realizes that she can miraculously cure people. The Abbey declares her a saint and wants her to see visitors that have written in about their illnesses. Ingrid is less sure she is a saint. She couldn't feel God working through her when she performed the miracle and doesn't feel special at all.

When a young troubadour breaks his leg near the abbey, he is entrusted to Ingrid's care to help his leg heal. Jack is incredibly bored and being a womanizer, there is nothing for him to do in the Abbey. As Ingrid cares for him, he feels the connection and eventually the two sleep together. Ingrid runs away from the Abbey and Jack tries to find her.

This book was a rather slow go for me. I don't think enough background was given on Ingrid to explain why she thought she wasn't a saint. I also didn't understand her connection with God; was there one or wasn't there? Once she got out of the Abbey, the story moved a bit better and was more interesting. This was not my favourite historical fiction.
First Line: "When the man was injured so near their gate, the nuns said it was God's will."

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