Saturday, February 18, 2012

then he ate my boy entrancers

then he ate my boy entrancers by Louise Rennison
Young Adult

Georgia along with her best friend, Jas are off to the USA(Hamburger-a go-go land) with Georgia's parents for a clown car convention in Memphis. Georgia plans to connect with her love interest, Masimo, the Italian stallion, who is singing in NYC. She plans to visit him and re-connect. Georgia thinks that NYC and Memphis are just a short distance away which unfortunately is never corrected in her mind. She also thinks she can find him by phoning all the Scarlottis in NYC. How bright:(

This book is just more of the same as the past books of the series. Georgia is incredibly selfish and rude. Why her parents just don't leave her behind is beyond me. Although the way her father circumvents her phone calls is fantastic. For Georgia it is all about her lust for boys, her appearance and her interests. Jas should hit the hills in search of a better friend. Libby, Georgia's younger sister and Angus the cat is what makes the books tolerable. They are laugh out loud funny. It will be awhile before I read the next one in the series

First Line: "Dear chumettes and chums, I hope you are alrighty as two alrighty things,."


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