Sunday, March 25, 2012

Change of Heart by Jodi Picoult

Change of Heart by Jodi Picoult

Shay Bourne is convicted of murdering a young girl and her step-father after having done some contracting work in the household of the Nealons. June Nealon is pregnant with her second child at the time and has to raise Claire without her father or sister. Eleven years later, Shay has exhausted all of his appeals and is scheduled to be killed by lethal injection within the next few months. Taken to the I-tier for his remaining days, Shay learns that June's daughter is in need of a heart transplant and Shay believes that providing her with his heart after he dies is the way to his salvation. Maggie, a lawyer, becomes involved in his case, as does his spiritual advisor, whom also happened to serve on Shay's jury.

Typical to all Picoult novels, this is written in separate voices of a few different characters in this novel. One of them was June and I would have liked to hear more from here as she wasn't featured too much. There was a twist in this book, which I picked up on about 20% through the book but knowing what was going to happen didn't detract from the story. Everything followed Picoult's formula of how she write books. The last time I read one of her books it annoyed me but I think there was a long enough gap between this one and the last one that everything didn't feel completely regurgitated.

First Line: "In the beginning, I believed in second chances."


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