Thursday, March 01, 2012


Fingersmith by Sarah Waters
Historical Fiction

Susan Trinder is seventeen and a foster kid in a family of fingersmiths (thieves). She has been cared for and somewhat coddled if one can be in this environment. A plot is hatched whereby she is to act as a lady's maid to young and wealthy Maud Lilly. She is to gently push her into the arms of Mr. Rivers. Maude Lilly and Mr. Rivers get married and then put Maude in a nuthouse and make off with her fortune. On the surface that is the story. But nothing is as it seems and there are numerous twists and turns.

This is a Victorian historical novel at its best. Full of dodgers, thieves, lunatics, murderers, swindlers, child marketers, charlatans,and orphans, this reads like a Dickensian book. And a la Waters style there is a little lesbian love thrown into the mix.

This is a book where the reader is always wondering what will come next. Waters delivers a masterpiece that is a thrill to read. Waters develops her characters and plot superbly and this is a book not to be missed

First Line: "My name, in those days, was Susan Trinder."


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