Monday, August 13, 2012

A Case of Curiosities

A Case of Curiosities by Allen Kurzweil
Historical Fiction
Claude Page is growing up in the French Pyrenees in Pre-revolutionary France. His father was a watchmaker but had died while in Turkey. His mother is a herbalist. Claude is apprenticed to a local disenfranchised cleric.

He first learns to enamel, making some bawdy pieces the abbe can sell to cover his debts. Then Claude learns about watchmaking. Claude is a whiz at anything mechanical.

Eventually Claude leaves the abbe to travel to Paris. He loves mechanical things and wishes to make a talking head.

I found this book intriguing regarding the inventions and the period but thought it lacked any great plot. It was a very slow start and maybe this is what kept me from fully liking the book.

First Line: "The case of curiosities came into my possession at a Paris auction in the spring of 1983."

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