Sunday, August 05, 2012

All Together Dead

All Together Dead  by Charlaine Harris
Urban Fantasy
Sookie Stackhouse, a small town barmaid, is going to accompany Vampire Queen of Louisiana Sophie-Anne Leclerq to the vampire convention near Chicago.  Leclerq is accused of killing her husband, the Vampire King of Arkansas and Sookie will testify on her behalf.  Also Sookie's telepathic abilities will be put to use by Leclerq in other business dealings.

Sookie meets up with another telepathic, Barry the Bellhop once again and this time they use their powers together to save some of the vamps from the bombing of the convention hotel.

In this installment, Sookie is given no choice but to suck up some more of Eric's blood creating an even tighter bond between the two.  Quinn her current weretiger boyfriend is of course upset but he seems to be mostly working in this book.

I find these books entertaining and addictive.


I do enjoy these reads but I just do not understand Sookie at times.  She and Barry help to find survivors in the ruins by using their telepathy.  Then they decide to run away in order that the government will not use them.  I can sort of understand this but also not.  In these types of situations why not?  First, they could control these as they just won't give help in other situations.  Sookie is always worried about money, wouldn't this help her big time?  Also as a humanitarian effort how could one turn one's back?

First Line: "The Shreveport Vampire Bar would be opening late tonight."

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