Friday, April 19, 2013

Face the Fire

Face the Fire by Nora Roberts
This is the last in the Three Sisters Island trilogy. The story this time revolves around Mia Devlin. Mia owns the book cafe and is a self-assured confident witch who is very much in control of her powers.

A long time ago she fell in love with Sam Logan and was left heart-broken when Sam moved off the island. Sam returns to take over his family's hotel and assumes that Mia is more than willing to take up from where they left off. Mia, however does not want a repeat of the past and is unwilling to give her heart up once again.

This also is the conclusion to the curse of the island and the three witches must face the danger and save their beloved island

I hated the character Sam. He is too cocky, too self-centered and arrogant for my tastes.
I wish Mia had told him to hit the road. However, this is a romance and we must have a happy ending.

First Line: "Her heart was broken."

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