Friday, April 19, 2013

The Eskimo Hunts in New York

The Eskimo Hunts in New York by Stefan Kanfer
Jordan Gulok is an ex-navy SEAL on assignment in New York.  Gulok is an Inuit.  He works for the Navy but is a lone operator so that the Navy can dis-associate with him if necessary.  His main contact Rear Admiral Clausen has been assassinated and he is now truly alone.  His assignment is to determine the business of Argo.  Ostensibly, Argo is a company that sells sporting equipment around the world.  There are pointers that seem to show that Argo is selling illegal pharmaceuticals such as those used for controlling hypertension, heart conditions, etc.  These drugs are not made properly and when sold have caused injuries and deaths.  There is a great profit to be made from this illegal business.

Argo was controlled by a Turk but now is operated by a faction of the Russian Mafia.  Gulok tries to follow all his leads but someone is always one step ahead of him.  Is there a mole in the Navy?  Rose Ho from the Navy Office helps Gulok out and seems to be his only ally.  In the midst of all this New York is experiencing a blizzard which is shutting the city down. 

This story is a fast-paced mystery which is a delight to read.  I loved the Inuit philosophy interspersed between the chapters.  This gave some insight into Gulok's thinking and background.  Can't wait to see what this Eskimo hunts in Miami!

First Line: "The darker side of the human spirit is not refined away by civilization."

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