Thursday, May 30, 2013

Blood Money by Erika Mitchell

Blood Money by Erika Mitchell

Azzam Abdullah is an Iraqi-born Londoner, heading up the accounting department of Sun Corp. Sounds normal right? Except Sun Corp is a terrorism financier and its owner plans terrorism activities himself. Azzam lost his family to terrorism in Iraq and despises what the company does so he feeds information to the American government to make sure that Sun Corp can't kill any innocent civilians.

When Azzam learns that the company is planning an attack at a conference using ricin, he tells his contact Bai at the CIA and they move in to confiscate the weapon. This brings to light that there's a mole in the company and the CEO sets out to find out who it is. Azzam is in danger and if they find him, his life will be at risk.

Terrorism thrillers certainly fit in with the news these days and this book did not lack for thrills. There are some good twists and turns and one that I didn't see coming at the end of the book. I always enjoy being surprised and find that it's happening less and less for me while reading these days.

I found Mitchell's writing very fluid, which may be a bit odd to point out and yet when I think of this book I think of how well and smoothly it went through the plot. I believe I read that Mitchell doesn't plan her plot line out before she writes and just lets it come to her. This could be part of the reason why it was so fluid to me.

One thing I would have liked to read more of was character development. I felt like for Azzam, Bai, and the CEO of Sun Corp we only scratched the surface on what makes them tick. Since I didn't know much about their background or who they were it was harder to connect with them. I'm sure Bai has an interesting back story and it would have been great to learn more about him. The book stands at 253 pages so it's not like additional character development would have made the book too long.

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First Line: "The imam's warbling voice ricocheted off the domed ceiling of the mosque and reached Azzam's ears past a sea of prostrated bodies."



Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this book for the tour!

trish said...

I'm always admiring of authors who can just sit down and write without plotting out their book! Glad to hear the book really flowed for you.

Thanks for being on the tour!

Erika Mitchell said...

That's good feedback, thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed the book, and that it read smoothly for you. That's always something that makes an author smile!