Sunday, July 28, 2013

The Geneva Option

The Geneva Option by Adam Lebor

Yael Azoulay has an interesting job at the United Nations. She brokers deals with the worlds' worst criminals. Presently she is negotiating with Jean-Pierre Hakizimani, a Hutu warlord wanted for genocide. The plan is to bring some stability to the region so the mining companies can extract an important metal, coltan, needed for cell phones.

Yael is so perturbed with the deal she actually sends a protest letter to her boss. This letter finds its way the press and she is fired and further on the run. The United Nations is furthering a potential mass genocide in order to keep the mines working!! This story is a mystery, thriller and conspiracy, all rolled into one.

Yael is the kick ass heroine which keeps the story moving at breakneck speed. This story is upsetting in that the UN probably does have situations like this. Namely the Rwandan genocide and how quickly they reacted there. I enjoyed the story and would love to read a sequel about Yael 

First Line: "The wind rose and fell through the airshaft, roaring so loudly it seemed the building was breathing"


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