Sunday, November 23, 2014

The Brass Verdict by Michael Connelly


In this cross-over book for Harry Bosch and Mickey Haller, one of Haller's old colleagues is killed in the parking lot of his office and Haller is called in to take over all of his cases. This brings Haller out of his year-long break, recovering from being shot. Haller has a big case now, that of millionaire Walter Elliot, charged with murdering his wife and her lover. The prosecutor has a pretty solid case against Elliot and Haller needs to get up to speed quickly, determine what his colleague had discovered, and what he can do to fight this case. Bosch enters the picture, trying to solve the murder of the lawyer.

We get a completely different picture of Bosch in this book. Rather than being in his mind as he investigates a crime, this time we're with one of his suspects as he investigates them. They way Bosch investigated Haller made him seem like a jerk, though we know that he's fantastic at his job. I fear that if this were my first time reading him, I'd probably not like him! Good thing, Bosch, that I know you so well.

This book captured my attention right away. I had troubles putting it down, wanting to know how Haller was going to get his client off (if he could), and if Bosch was going to catch his killer. The books in this series seem to be getting better and better. I didn't have much intention of reading the Haller series, but after this book I need to. This was a great mystery!


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