Saturday, January 10, 2015

A Conspiracy of Faith by Jussi Adler-Olsen


In this third book of the Department Q series, we're back with Detective Carl Morck and his assistants Assad and Rose, sorting through old unsolved crimes in Denmark. Scottish police send them a message in a bottle that's been sitting around and forgotten about by the Scottish police for years. By blowing up an image of the message, the team works on trying to sort out what the message, written in blood, says aside from "HELP ME" at the top.

This book spent a lot of time with the suspect himself. It explained his background and some of his past crimes as well as how he tried to build a life to make him look normal. Because I find Morck and the crew so entertaining, I missed them. More than half of the book was not them investigated the crime. Even though the other piece was well written and engaging, I would have preferred more time with Morck.

In the past two books, the author has touched on Morck's psychological problems with his partner getting shot but he never seems to hit the nail directly on the head. It was discussed for a total of about one chapter but really needs more exploring in the next book.

I really enjoy the books in this series and this was no different. I found the ending exceptionally well done. Highly recommended!

First Line: "It was the third morning, and the smell of tar and seaweed had got into his clothes."


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